Create your own chrome extensions

Today I will explain how easy is to create your own Google chrome extensions.

  • Create a folder for your extension.
  • Create a new file manifest.json with the following structure.
  • Create an icon (19 x 19 pixels) or use the sample Hello World icon from Google.
  • Create a new file background.js with the following structure.

You finished! Now you have your own whois extension fro Google Chrome. As you can see, on the manifest we specified the file backgoround.js and icon.png. On the bckground.js file we added a click listener that redirects the page to

  • Now to test your extension, open google chrome.
  • Navigate to “chrome://extensions”.
  • Click on “developer mode”.
  • Click “load unpacked extension” and select the folder that we created.
  • Now, navigate to some url and try your new extension.

Try to modify the background script or read the documentation about background_pages (like ours) or other possibilities that offers the browser_action element on the manifest.json




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